Living Aloha


Aloha means Love in Hawaiian and also connection. During these times of great transformation our greatest gift to ourselves is to remain deeply connected to the Earth and centred in our Hearts so we can live from a space of Love. When we truly embody love, life becomes fluid and joyful whatever is going on outsides of us.  During these events i share with you my deep love of Hawaii, bringing you the energy of Aloha deep into your Heart. We will  also be accompanied by the energies of the Dolphins & Whales and the wonderful Goddesses of Hawaii. We will sing, dance and be in stillness as we awaken to our essential essence that of Love and reclaim Joy as our natural state of being. An opportunity to be in joyful celebration of you ! Eleana will be working with Sound, her voice the Heart Singing Bowl and tuning forks together with simple meditation.

elena.leeThese events will be taking place in England throughout October dates to be announced shortly. There will also be the opportunity to receive Sound Healings with Eleana Oceanheart and purchase Ocean Heart Art.

Painting “Awakening the Goddess” by Eleana Oceanheart