Energy Healings

2016-05-16 17.41.25Welcome ! Come join me on a oceanic journey home to your heart and home to you. As an Energy Healer, i work through tones and frequencies. I assist in getting right to heart of the issue, be it in health, relationships or business. By clearing the decks of these old energies and patterns, you can come home to you, experience your pure divine essence of Joy & Love and begin to create from a whole new level. The work is simple but profound, grounded in 26 years experience in the Healing Arts and a lifetime of my own deep soul journeying.


Divine Awakening

If you here no doubt, like myself,  you have journeyed deeply with your body and being. As old souls we have had so many lives and all that leaves an imprint in our bodies and our souls.  It feels like we have been doing this work for eons – i understand ! So, the good news is that now this is the time when we can truly be free of it all – yes really ! The high vibrational energies showering earth right now, force up all those old layers, giving us the opportunity to clear them out for good. Our spiritual families have also never been so present and if we allow their loving support into our lives they can work miracles. Patterns manifest in a myriad of ways, sickness, anxiety, depression etc: and many patterns are stubborn and tricky. However, now is the time when with patience and love we can be free of them too. As we clear we are able to return home to who we truly are. We are then able to activate from the “Codes of Consciousness”, these are the goodies we have carried through lifetimes containing pure Golden gifts, our skills, our passions, our blueprint for a new life. We are then also able to activate and awaken the bodies natural ability to regenerate and renew and return to vibrancy and well being.


So, my role is to assist you in this process. Whether it is in person or remotely i work directly with the body. Through tones and frequencies i help break through the patterns and energies. This is a very creative process. I use sound, the light language and often the songs of our ancestors, whatever comes to me through universal consciousness. It is my intention to hold a safe and loving space for you at all times. My background in Holistic & Energy Medicine also gives me a solid, grounded platform from which to work. It allows me to navigate around your system with more clarity and awareness. As you clear, you are given access to your sovereignty; your true divine essence of love and joy. Then you can then start thinking about what you really want to do in life !

I have a strong sense of intuition and perception, born of the many challenges i have faced. Through my journey with breathing difficulties i have a great knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and medical procedures you may perhaps face on your journey.

Finally, as we move into the New Paradigm our bodies are undertaking rapid and intense transformation. I am able to assist in such delights as the activation of your light bodies and your crystalline structure; tools that support the body move gracefully and joyfully into the New Earth.

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Professional Qualifications

Diploma in Shiatsu and Teaching, British School of Shiatsu, London (Dip BSS). Post-Graduate Diploma in Craniosacral Therapy, Craniosacral Education Trust, London (CTET).


My own journey has been  both ordinary and extraordinary. I have always followed my heart and soul, a journey that has taken me around the world. I have lived in many powerful vortex lands, Hawaii, Bahamas and Australia, bringing home lost soul parts and deeply healing. I have experienced many miracles and equally many dark nights of the soul. For 10 years i experienced chronic asthma that would could not be “controlled” either with drugs or holistic medicine. I spent most of this time, literally trying to breath in and out of emergency services and in 2016 went through a near death experience whilst living in Maui, Hawaii. However since this time, i am happy to say i have been healthy and well. I feel more present, more alive and live as much as i can from my heart. I am of course still human but embrace any challenges that life may bring, knowing it is taking me ever deeper into love and my own liberation. I have many wonderful players in my team but my deep resonance is with the Dolphins & Whales. Their joyful, light presence is always with me. I also have some rather interesting looking Star Beings. So that’s me – if you feel drawn come play!

Divine Awakening by Eleana Oceanheart Copies of this painting for Sale


“Eleana is exceptionally gifted at her craft. She is one of those rare individuals who can tune-in to the depths and heights of a being, using the body as her portal. She is exquisitely perceptive, highly intuitive and extremely skilled at moving stuck energies. She is able to translate her refined sensibilities into powerfully effective healing touch for an array of concerns from pain relief, to increased mobility, or general upliftment. If you are looking for a multidimensional treatment, one that can access the many aspects of healing, Eleana is the one.”

Debra Green, Energy Health Specialist, Maui, Hawaii.

“When I connect with Eleana for a treatment I feel held in high vibrational love. Eleana clears the decks of everything that is holding us back with her highly attuned intuition and sensitivity. Her treatments are profound and she goes right to the core of the issue often with the use of her amazing voice. Eleana is a highly evolved cosmic being who is deeply connected to the whole universe and her beloved oceanic realms. As she sings to clear the energies, the Kahunas of Hawaii come through with such love and gentleness. We are truly blessed to have Eleana Oceanheart here on the earth right now to help us move into greater love.”

Astaria Woods, Shamanic Sound Healer, France.

“We are deeply grateful and ever in awe of Eleana as she steadfastly steps off the shore again and again to help others to find their way to an actual ocean of love that no words can capture. Anyone who takes a chance and joins her, even briefly, in any form, is likely to find benefits that will change his or her life forever.”

The Hodges, Gentle Way Counselling, Oregon, USA.

“I was able to have an energy healing session with Eleana Oceanheart in Rome, Italy. She used her gifts to assist me with clearing some negative energies that were holding me back and keeping me from achieving my full potential. The experience was truly spiritual and liberating. I felt the vibrational flow of the universe cleansing my essence of the negative and filling me with positive creative light. I would recommend this experience to anyone interested in tapping into the limitless potential we have as human beings. Thank you Eleana for the session in Rome and your ongoing support!”

Ashlin Martin, Global Strategist, Salt Lake City, USA.

” I gained so much from my healing session with you. Your loving spirit and your healing gifts really shine through. Going into the session i did not having any expectations. I left however with a new energy and a feeling of fulfilment. It was an amazing experience for me, and I wouldn’t mind doing another session with you soon.”

Tove Opshal, Writer, Norway.

“Eleana is an amazing individual with higher standards than anyone I know. I have used for personal art and healing. She is so loving and mindful of her clients. I thoroughly appreciate everything she has done for me and with me from our first encounter. Thank you Eleana.”

M Caggiula, Maui, Hawaii.

“I have known Eleana as a friend and a true spiritual master for many years. I can with all my heart assure that this wonderful lady will lead you to your wishes and desires, to a place of true self and being. If you are looking for a journey into artistic spiritual development look no further – delve into the world of pure consciousness and enlightenment.”

Crystal Clear, Guidance Counsellor, England.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel I can allow myself just to be. I remember the sounds that were coming through you and they still warm my heart. I could listen to those sounds over and over and I will keep them in my heart. I remember also that Divine Mother came at the end of the session with a beautiful pink rays. What a blessing it was and I am looking forward to the next one.”

Eleonora, Staten Island, USA.

“Eleana’s magnificent connection with the adorable Dolphins and Whales is awe-inspiring. The messages I received from her made me feel so special. She speaks with such clarity and depth. Eleana was very sensative to my needs and she was able to access information for me which i really needed to hear. For this experience i am truly grateful to her. It was an absolute joy an so much fun to receive this love and healing from her tender heart. I highly recommend Elena for she is a gifted spiritual leader.” 

P Patel, Healer, London, England.