Dolphin & Whale Healings

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Eleana Oceanheart  has a profound, lifelong connection with the Dolphins and Whales and acts as a conduit for Dolphin and Whale Consciousness. She has spent her whole life connecting with them both in the physical and spiritual realms. It is her greatest joy and honour to share this gift with you. With great gentleness and love she guides you into your Heart and through voice and sound transmits to you the loving energies of the Dolphins & Whales. These sessions are an opportunity to receive the abundant gifts, blessings and healings that these divine oceanic beings wish to offer humanity at this all important time. An opportunity to awaken to the LOVE &  JOY that is your ESSENCE.

Eleana has the exceptional ability to telepathically connect with the different pods of Cetaceans across the World as well as higher dimensional Dolphins and Whales. During your Session she will introduce you to her friends and allies, each with their own energy signature and gift. For example the blessed Humpback Whale takes us deeply into STILLNESS and deepens our connection with the EARTH, the higher dimensional energies of the CRYSTALLINE Dolphin tends to our “energy bodies” and recently the energy of MINGALOO, the albino Humpback Whale, whose presence is said to herald the dawning of a NEW AGE. Most important however is the opportunity to quite simply receive their energy of pure LOVE assisting you in anchoring more deeply into the frequency of LOVE.


  • Connection to Dolphin & Whale Consciousness 24/7
  • Opening the heart to give and receive LOVE
  • Dolphin & Whale Sonic Healing
  • Awakening sense of JOY & PLAY
  • Exploration of your Lemurian or Atlantean Origans

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As a chi10991364_10204288101345133_1491264237430622256_nld growing up in a damp, English town miles from the ocean, she first became aware of their presence in her dreams. She recognised even then that these divine oceanic beings existed in some other dimension, beyond the oceans of our beautiful blue planet and since that very time they have been her friends, teachers and allies taking her on journey of ever deepening LOVE.

In 1998, Eleana had her first physical encounter with the Spotted Dolphins off the island of Bimini in the Bahamas. Through pure grace she then spent several years living on a sail boat in the Bahamas, immersing herself deeply in their world. She later spent many years in the presence of the Humpback Whales off the shores of Maui, Hawaii. In recent years however what she has come to realise that their presence is just as strong on the energy levels. As the Dolphins once shared with her “You will find us in the being and not in the doing”. When we still our mind and enter our hearts the Dolphins and Whales are right there. It is this ENERGY Eleana wishes to share with you. See Global Pod Consciousness for  the messages Eleana receives from the Dolphins & Whales.


“In our opinion, talking about the splendour of our kindship with dolphins and whales and the awesome and substantial gifts they offer us does not do justice to how far-reaching the effects go. Working and relating on that level takes us into a a deep, deep heart place where neither the conscious mind nor language can follow….It takes courage and a huge open heart to be willing to serve as a guide in such a venture. We are deeply grateful and ever in awe of Eleana as she steadfastly steps off the shore again and again to help others to find their way to an actual ocean of love that no words can capture. Anyone who takes a chance and joins her, even briefly, in any form, is likely to find benefits that will change his or her life forever.” Dave & Jody Hodges, Gentle Way Counselling, Oregon, USA.

I want to tell you and the Dolphins and Whales, (((((((Thank You))))))). I have been having the most wonder-filled times since we connected, seeing them, feeling them, loving them. I woke up yesterday morning with absolutely none of the little joint pains I’ve become accustomed to waking with and this morning….same free, flexible feeling! Later, while walking, I had a pain across the top of my leg and I simply focused the energy to bathe it and….wah lah!  Gone!!  Easy Breezy!  The energy rose up into the area like Dolphin jumping.  As I drink, I see the Cetaceans and feel the smooth, clear waters holding me.  Enfolding me as I become fully aware of what it is to Be Dolphin in the refreshing waters and in the glorious energy that is of the ‘higher’ realm.   Home !  Valerie, San Dimas, CA, USA

Eleana’s magnificent connection with the adorable Dolphins and Whales is awe-inspiring. The messages I received from her made me feel so special. She speaks with such clarity and depth. Eleana was very sensative to my needs and she was able to access information for me which i really needed to hear. For this experience i am truly grateful to her. It was an absolute joy an so much fun to receive this love and healing from her tender heart. I highly recommend Eleana for she is a gifted spiritual leader. 

P Patel, Healer, London, England.

I have known Eleana for over four years now. During this time I have found her work with Dolphin and Whale Healing to be an exceptional experience, filled with spiritual love on the highest level. I have always come away with a sense of  balance and well being and will continue to use her services in the future. I feel it is important to include Eleana’s artwork as I have found that each picture has its own unique healing energy which reaches out and touches your soul.

Anna, Spirit Healing, England.

What a blessing it was and is having this session with you. I had the best Sleep yesterday that I ever remember. I called for the Dolphin’s Energies, they came right away and it was absolutely amazingly beautiful, the smile stayed on my face until I fell asleep. WOW. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel I can allow myself just to be. I remember the sounds that were coming through you and they still warm my heart. I could listen to those sounds over and over and I will keep them in my heart. I remember also that Divine Mother came at the end of the session with a beautiful pink rays. What a blessing it was and I am looking forward to the next one. Eleonora, Staten Island, USA.

What others have said about Ocean Heart Events

“Eleana’s meditations are special. She uses the sound of her voice and also introduces instruments to help bring peace, raising your vibration to a whole new level. She will then introduce you to the energy of the Dolphins. I can still feel the connection to the Dolphins that I felt the 25th November 2012. The energy of the Dolphin is very playful so you can be the child again, which I feel we all need from time to time as life can be too serious . Eleana will hold your space for you as she takes you through the hours that you spend with her. She is one of the gentle soul’s of the earth. She has also helped me by being one of the “synchronistic”  meetings on the new path way that is revealing itself to me.” Maureen Clarke – Holistic Health Practitioner, Herts, England.

Just wanted to share with you that since the session in Stevenage recently, i have been very aware of the dolphin energy. I invite them in when I go for a swim and its lovely that they all come and swim with me. they are a lovely playful energy! A real healing energy comes with them as well. I have been inviting them to join me on a regular basis now, as i type this, i am aware of their energy! Which is good as I am being interviewed on BBC 3 counties radio this afternoon and am a bit nervous! Kindest blessings. Dawn Russell – Spiritual Healer, Herts, England

Photographs Copyright Eleana Oceanheart and Tita Dimnik

 Disclaimer Statement
“Dolphin & Whale Energy Sessions” are not intended as a substitute for professional medical and/or psychiatric treatment and advice. I am not a licensed medical doctor that diagnoses conditions and/or prescribes any medication. You are responsible for your own medical treatment and care. Always consult your local doctor and in all cases it is recommended that you continue to follow medical treatment, as prescribed by your own doctor. Eleana Oceanheart 2013