Dolphin & Whales

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DOLPHINS & WHALES known collectively as Cetaceans are highly intelligent, sentient beings. Words cannot fully express the extent of the gifts they bring to humankind and our Earth at this time. Put simply, they show us how to LIVE and BE in CONNECTION with ourselves, each other and the EARTH. They teach us to be present in our HEARTS and deeply anchored in our BEINGS. They show us the gift of living and learning through JOY and LOVE and FREEDOM from old patterns, limiting thought forms and beliefs. They bring us the gift of vibrational sound work offering healing and bringing miracles into our lives. They are deeply connected with our EARTH and provide her with energetic support. Most importantly they bring the gift of LOVE showing us that “IN ESSENCE WE ARE LOVE”. These are transformational times. The Dolphins and Whales are here to help us  BIRTH a new consciousness, a new Earth anchored in HEART and ONENESS.

Eleana has a profound connection with the Dolphins and Whales, having spent much of her life in deep communion with wild dolphins throughout the world. She spent several years living on a tiny out-island in the Bahamas and in more recent years on Maui, Hawaii, where the Humpback Whales return each winter. Eleana also has the ability to connect with their higher dimensional aspects, receiving regular communications and transmissions. She calls this Global Pod Consciousness . She now offers Individual Dolphin & Whale Energy Sessions  an opportunity to deeply receive their healing energies and awaken to your essence; that of joy and love. Through her background in Film and Television, Eleana captures the essence of the Dolphins and Whales through Dolphin Films. She is also known nationally for her deep love and knowledge of the Cetaceans and has been interviewed by the media on several occasions.


Joy by Eleana Oceanheart – Click to view Prints of Paintings

All of the above photographs were taken either by myself or Tita Dimnik (please respect copyright laws – if you wish to use these photographs for your own purposes please ask !)