Passion of the Soul

Today i felt drawn to talk to you about the Passion of our Souls. Through our lives we can be run by many voices, those of our parents, teachers, peers etc: However there is no greater voice than that of the soul. It talks to us sometime in a quiet whisper and other times in a loud roar. Sometimes it talks very loudly until it gets our attention. Right now, as we dive ever deeper into the depths of our being, our soul is more accessible to us, it is the glimmering pearl that lies beneath the grit and grime. What we then need is the courage to follow this voice. I believe we were all born with soul passion or calling, something that totally lights us up and bring us joy! it could be something quite simple or something outrageously wild! What is your soul passion???

This is a painting i did some years ago of the mighty Goddess Pele. She was right with me as i wrote this, the fire in my belly.