Home to the Heart – Replay

Listen to the replay this weekend ! Enjoy our juicy journey home to the heart through the loving, joyful energies of the Dolphins & Whales – enjoy ! Also, Special Offer !

These are amazing times as we birth into the NEW EARTH. It is time to connect with our HEARTS, feel the LOVE that we are and give full expression to our true selves. We have the opportunity to be FREE of the old and live from a space of JOY & LOVE, not fear and restriction. It is time to know with every cell of our being that we are deeply loved and supported by the universe. It is time to DANCE with LIFE; come join me and my oceanic friends the DOLPHINS & WHALES for a journey home to the HEART !

Quantum Conversations with Eleana Oceanheart – Home to the Heart with the Dolphins & Whales