Dance for Peace


DANCE FOR PEACE – Sunday 31st July (2 00 pm – 5 00 pm) HYDE PARK, London W2

Let us connect in our hearts,  dance our own dance and send out love  to the world. This is not a “Universal Dance of Peace” with steps; this is free dancing with great music. It is a space to meet like minded souls, connect with our essence of joy, love and peace and radiate this into the world….pure and simple !

This is a small, informal gathering. The exact location in Hyde Park will be announced on the day. Please see my personal FB page, FB Page “Park Dance for Peace” or come back here on Sunday at 1 45 pm to find our exactly where we are meeting.  Please try and be here for the start. It wil be far more powerful if we dance as a tribe for a group intention for peace. We will start with a circle at 2 00 pm. The event finishes at 5 00 pm. You can dance as much or as little as you want. This is a free event (you can donate if you feel moved to) Let us meet in our hearts !