Dolphin & Whale Matrix

4 (1)The Dolphins & Whales are showing up everywhere right now in my life. They fill my heart and being with love. I believe their presence is greatly assisting humanity. I recently created this Artwork called Dolphin & Whale Matrix, an invitation to into the 5D world where the Dolphins & Whales reside. We will be diving into this world in our next Global POD Gathering 12th June – details coming soon!

Artwork copyright Eleana Oceanheart

Looking through the Eyes of Love

IMG_20180405_172329888_HDRI wanted to talk today about Near Death Experiences. In April 2014, whilst visiting Hawaii, i was to experience a near death experience. It was an event that was to change my life, but one that would also present many challenges and take several years to fully integrate. It is only now, two years one, that i feel healed of the physical and psychological effects of this and i get to experience the richness of what i received during my three days travelling through the universe. Today, i danced in my local conscious community. As i did so i felt a few more lost souls parts return, those that got left behind in some far off universe, during my travels through the cosmos.

It is time now to share these experiences with others, in part to show people that truly love is all there is, but also to assist other people who have gone through this experience and are struggling to live here back on planet Earth. On returning back into my body, I was to experience the most incredible feeling of love, a love that was to fill every cell of my being for many days, indeed months afterwards. This was then followed by many physical symptoms, side effects from the intense drug usage and various procedures that were used during the coma. I experienced post-traumatic stress and intense emotions of fear. Embracing everything that has presented has enabled me to fully anchor me back into this body. I am deeply grateful for the love and support i have received during this process and grateful for the knowledge that love truly is the greatest power in the universe. I feel guided now to share my experiences by offering talks around the world “Looking through the Eyes of Love”. Please get in touch if you would like me to offer a talk in your area.  I also offer one-to-one Energy Sessions for those struggling with the after affects of a near death experience. Click here for more information

Passion of the Soul

Today i felt drawn to talk to you about the Passion of our Souls. Through our lives we can be run by many voices, those of our parents, teachers, peers etc: However there is no greater voice than that of the soul. It talks to us sometime in a quiet whisper and other times in a loud roar. Sometimes it talks very loudly until it gets our attention. Right now, as we dive ever deeper into the depths of our being, our soul is more accessible to us, it is the glimmering pearl that lies beneath the grit and grime. What we then need is the courage to follow this voice. I believe we were all born with soul passion or calling, something that totally lights us up and bring us joy! it could be something quite simple or something outrageously wild! What is your soul passion???

This is a painting i did some years ago of the mighty Goddess Pele. She was right with me as i wrote this, the fire in my belly.

Home to the Heart – Replay

Listen to the replay this weekend ! Enjoy our juicy journey home to the heart through the loving, joyful energies of the Dolphins & Whales – enjoy ! Also, Special Offer !

These are amazing times as we birth into the NEW EARTH. It is time to connect with our HEARTS, feel the LOVE that we are and give full expression to our true selves. We have the opportunity to be FREE of the old and live from a space of JOY & LOVE, not fear and restriction. It is time to know with every cell of our being that we are deeply loved and supported by the universe. It is time to DANCE with LIFE; come join me and my oceanic friends the DOLPHINS & WHALES for a journey home to the HEART !

Quantum Conversations with Eleana Oceanheart – Home to the Heart with the Dolphins & Whales

Join me in Quantum Conversations

Elena Oceanheart pic_finalQuantum Conversations for High VibrationsYour Portal to the Inner Realms

Please join me as we take a QUANTUM LEAP into transformation and truly EMBODY Love and Your Truth!   I’m going to be on Quantum Conversations soon and you’re invited to interact with us as we learn to Stand in our Mastery and Find our Power through living in the Heart with Divine Love. My friend and host, Lauren Galey, is a wonderful interviewer who creates a beautiful, high-vibratory space. Come join us.

Please join us in a Quantum Conversation on April 25, 2017 at 3pm Pacific / 4pm Mountain / 5pm Central / 6pm Eastern / 11pm Greenwich Mean Time.  

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After you claim your free registration, you’ll get an email from Lauren Galey for my show 2 hours before the event, and you can listen to replay anytime via the email links she sends you.